The game applies dual-currency mechanism, consisting of Game Token (BST) and Governance Token (BRT).
BST is used in the game, such as making and upgrading new bicycles, and upgrading bicycle parts; BRT is used for game revenue distribution and in-game activities like upgrading to higher-level, etc.
The BST supply:unlimited,players get it when they ride;
The BRT supply: 5 billion, players can get it when the bike reaches the highest level
Tokens scene
BST: Bike maintenance, Upgrade, Unlocking slots, Opening packages, Bicycle parts upgrade, Token withdrawal fees, Invite rewards, etc.
Trade: MEXC,Pancakeswap
BRT: Community governance, repurchase and burn,cost in the game, etc.
Trade: MEXC,Huobi,Gate
Mint bikes
As earnings of Bikerush rises, BRT will be repurchased and burned in the secondary market quarterly.