Harry He

Chinese-German, Master of Computer Science, Technical University of Munich
Participated in the Tour de France, and was awarded the best sprinter green leather jacket in multiple stages
Founder of the Berlin Cycling Association (Berliner Stahlrittere.V.)
Taking bicycles as a carrier to practice the "Kiez-Tour" lifestyle
Led the association to become an official organization including over 200 German government public welfare organizations, and registered four branches in German cities. Taking bicycle as an opportunity to carry out Sino-German youth cultural exchanges.

Ross Hansmith

German, postdoc at Heidelberg University
Active urban cyclist
Advocate of Germany's 20-day cycling-kilometer city competition
In 2020, it organized 8,519 cyclists in Hamburg to form 592 teams, riding 1.77 million kilometers
9 feasibility studies have been carried out on bicycle lanes in the Hamburg metropolitan area
Promote the largest interstate cycleway project in Germany and expand the cycle network

Jessica Liu

Chinese-German, graduated from Heidelberg University with a master's degree
Chief Blockchain Algorithm Researcher, Partner
Former senior business operation manager of Canyon Bicycle brand in Germany,
Early blockchain participants
Participated in the operation of many large-scale blockchain projects in Europe
Accumulated over 6 million community users in Poland, Switzerland, Belgium, France and other countries