A Web3 Healthy & Gainful Lifestyle DApp with Game-Fi and Social-Fi
BikeRush is a Web3 lifestyle DApp built with Game-Fi and Social-Fi elements built in.
Inspired by cycling, one of the worldwide most popular fitness exercises, Bikerush came out as the foremost project to effectively introduce the functional concept Ride-to-Earn. Only matched with Bike NFT, can users gain game tokens (BST) by means of outdoor cycling and in-game race participation. All gained tokens can not only be consumed in game but be exchanged for cash during this process.
Bikerush integrates various health concepts, containing fitness, environmental protection, and play-to-earn. In virtue of Game-Fi, Bikerush aims to drive tens of millions of people towards healthier lifestyle, to fight against climate change and to encourage low-carbon travel. These fitness users are naturally connected to Web 3.0 world. Meanwhile, a long-term platform has been constructed to foster Web 3.0 UGC (User-Generated-Content).
Game Token: BST
Governance Token: BRT
Note: Bikerush is currently in the basic functional design stage, so it is likely that contents in the Whitepaper would be changed in the future.
Last modified 4mo ago